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Boat & Watercraft Insurance

A boat brings a lot of fun and good times into your life, but it’s also a big investment.  Your home owner’s policy doesn’t adequately protect your boat.  Getting your boat insured with the right coverage is the best way to protect your investment.

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Insurance for Boats & Watercraft

*Boat & Watercraft Insurance available in these states:



Boat & Watercraft Insurance to Cover Your Needs

Our boat insurance policies cover all kinds of boats and watercraft. We provide boat insurance with coverage tailored for your needs, competitive rates, and features that keep your investment protected.

Agreed Value Hull Coverage

Agreed Hull Value Coverage will pay you the toal amount of coverage stated in your policy. If you have a total loss, this gives you peace of mind, knowing that you won't be nickled an dimed on the value of your boat.

*available on select boats
Total Loss Settlement Endorsement

We have carriers that will pay up to 20% more than the amount of insurance to replace a covered watercraft with a current model. This endorsement is an optional coverage option, but it gives you extra protection tthe event of a total loss.

Uninsured Watercraft

Not everyone that owns a boat pays for insurance. What happens if you get an accident with an uninsured boater? This covers injuries and damages that you incur during an accident, if the other party is uninsured.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage covers items you keep inside of your boat, like fishing gear, wet suits, life vests or other personal property.

Wreck Removal

If you have a boating accident and need your boat removed, this pays for reasonable costs from any attempted raising, removal or destruction of your insured boat,

Water Sports Liability

If someone being towed by your boat is injured (such aswaterskiing, knee boarding, wake boarding), this will pay for bodily injury as a result of a watersport accident.

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